While horseback riding gives physical benefits of many kinds, Horseriding develops your core, abdominal, and back muscles, which contributes to improved balance and coordination, better coordination and flexibility, and even better muscle tone and range of motion. For seniors in particular, dealing with having these "necessary" physical parts of riding a horse might be difficult. The effectiveness of peptides in the treatment of age-related problems, particularly in older horses, is well established. selank nasal spray

Lego, my 17.1hh dressage horse, used to experience great anxiety when being ridden and handled. After a short period of time on the remedies there was a dramatic improvement under saddle and especially on the ground. His eye has softened and his general demeanour is calm. He is much easier to work with; he is settled and a lot happier in himself. Thank you Lesley.
Fiona Maynard
Para Dressage Rider


Sherbert responded positively to the Bach Flower Remedies prescribed and I found it very helpful to have support and an insight into why he was having difficulty adjusting to a new home and regime. I would recommend this therapy for anyone looking for a sympathetic, non invasive treatment for animals or humans.


I asked Lesley to get involved with my Morgan mare who had been through traumatic times in her life. Although I was a sceptic I can now highly recommend the Bach flower remedies. The effect on my mare is outstanding. She is now a joy to have on the yard and to be around.


I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given me with my youngster. I only wish I had known of this wonderful kind method years ago. By giving my little horse peace of mind his training has become a pleasure for both of us and as we progress I know you are on hand should other difficulties crop up. Again many thanks.


Harvey, my 6 year old cocker spaniel was anxious and nervous. He was upset by sudden movements and loud noises. He had developed a tendency to sitting with his face as close to mine as poss. Lesley met Harvey and observed his behaviour. She recommended a course of treatment to be delivered over the next few weeks. There was no evidence of an immediate change however after about two to three weeks Harvey began to calm down and appeared to have a less nervous disposition. Lesley observed him again and agreed there had been some improvement and suggested a slightly new combination of remedies. Harvey has now completed three courses of treatment. He is much calmer, much less jumpy and is generally less needy. I think that this approach to dealing with issues that animals may have using these natural remedies is much better for the welfare of the animal and as far as I am concerned it was a very successful experience for both Harvey and myself. I would thoroughly recommend.

       Spaniel Dog

Around the 12th April Gracie, my American Quarter Horse, started showing signs of coming in season so we put her on regulmate straight away because last year we lost most of the showing season because of her seasons. Abby, my wife, suggested I contact Lesley about the remedies that could help Gracie, I was very sceptical and went along with it for a quiet life !!!!!. Lesley came round and assessed us both and put some drops into a bottle and gave me instructions (still very sceptical)started drops on the 15th April 2013. About a week later started to see improvement in her, but not sure if it was the remedy or the regulmate!!!! I stopped the regulmate. As the weeks went by started to see improvement in her confidence and attitude (now not sure what was going on). Two weeks ago run out of drops did not say anything to Lesley, wanted to try out a test without drops, her attitude changed quite quickly (now very confused)carried on for a few more days without the drops and her attitude and confidence changed in a subtle way that I could not explain. After four days with no drops Lesley made her usual contact for an update, we talked about what had happened and the possible reasons, now back on the remedy and the improvement in Gracie was very quick, not sure I can explain what is going on but has made a big improvement in Gracie. Will I carry on with the remedy for Gracie YES with Lesley’s approval, am I converted YES for me and Gracie.
John Ayles and Gracie


Oskar, my healthy Jack Russell, last year lost his beloved companion Nina, a Golden Retriever aged 7, who died suddenly. Oskar, now 15, had not readjusted 18 months later. His character had changed from busy, sociable and friendly to all, to a recluse who retired upstairs to bed whenever anyone or any other dog came to call, whoever they were and however long he had known them. Five weeks ago I contacted Lesley and she prescribed some Bach Flower Remedies. After 4 days on the drops he joined a party of 15 people including 6 excited children. He played with the latter group and allowed them to stroke him. This was a huge surprise, and although recent improvement has not been so dramatic, he now spends more time with visitors before retiring, quite out of former character and a most welcome change for him and us.
Many thanks to Lesley from Oskar and owner Seb


I want my horses to feel in balance physically and mentally and have found Bach Flower Remedies really helpful in achieving this. On a recent bio-mechanics course I attended in Germany they had experienced many years of these remedies being absolutely beneficial to horses with balance issues.
Louisa Cuomo
Dressage Judge


Frankly I was amazed at the calming effect on my cat which was visible within the first 48 hours. He went from being obviously stressed and unhappy to chilled and contented. I was even able to trim his front claws while he sat in his basket and I haven't done that since he was tiny.
Thank you Lesley


I recently bought a 6 year old horse who was very spooky. His nature is generally calm but when out he saw dragons in every corner. Having had the same home since a yearling he led a sheltered life just being ridden around their farm. He has, however, proved to be a traffic proof. Since giving him the Bach Flower Remedies he has become a different person and altogether much calmer.