Me At A Glance

My passion for animal welfare has always been paramount and this has led me to offer a safe and caring home for many creatures. From a very early age I have been surrounded by many household pets typically dogs and cats together with many of the smaller furry variety and latterly various fowl.

I have ridden and also worked with equines for over 50 years, owning horses, donkeys and a mule for more than half that time.

This all allows me to have an understanding of some of the issues animal owners encounter

To further enhance my knowledge following many years of practical experience I have recently read a diploma course on equine behaviour.

I am now lucky enough to commit more time to follow a life-long ambition to help animals. I spent quite some time questioning the various approaches to complementary care and confess that I am still amazed at the positive effects of the Bach flowers. These simple and effective remedies have been in existence for over 75 years and are recognised worldwide.

As a Bach Flower Registered Animal Practitioner I have been trained to objectively observe the behaviour of animals, listen carefully to the owner/s and use what I see and hear to identify how the animal feels to ensure an accurate remedy choice is made.

The remedies can alleviate anxiety, enhance confidence, aid recuperation as well as help animals that are or have been traumatised and maltreated. I am not a replacement for the vet. I work under a code of practice which ensures that I will only see an animal following veterinary referral.

While riding, you'll also get a cardiovascular workout. Your heart rate and blood oxygen levels increase as your horse works harder. Maintaining cardiovascular fitness is therefore crucial for horse riders to maintain their performance. The skeletal muscle produces peptides in response to exercise, which are then released into the bloodstream. This is referred to as a "exercise factor" by researchers. An increase in musclin in the bloodstream triggers a signalling cascade that improves muscle performance and cardiovascular fitness, according to the findings of the study. high grade hmg

       Lesley riding horse Lesley's dog 'Sadie' Lesley with donkey