Horse, Pony, Donkey, Mule, Hinny

Initially I only need a brief outline of your equine’s behavioural issue. I will then need both you and your vet’s address and telephone number together with the address where he/she is stabled if not at home.

  • Following veterinary referral I will visit the equine where he/she is kept.
  • The consultation will take approximately one hour.
  • The equine should either be stabled or in a small paddock/arena.
  • The specific behavioural issue does not need to be witnessed.
  • We will discuss as much of your equine’s past as known, your present routines and your expectations for the future.
  • I will then recommend the specific remedies explaining my reasons.

The administration of the remedies from the bespoke treatment bottle is very simply 4 drops onto a carrot or similar treat 4 times a day. There is enough treatment in a bottle to last for three weeks.

I like to follow up with regular communications on your equine’s progress and then we can agree the date for the next consultation.

Initial Consultation and treatment bottle: £35.00
Subsequent Consultations and treatment bottle: £25.00

Travelling costs will be discussed when you telephone.

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