Boy riding Polly Lesley came to see my mare Polly this year. Polly is a 9 yr old TBX. . In the past she has been used as a brood mare and was brought into work 3 years ago by a previous owner. We are Polly's 5th home in 9 years. Polly is the most, kindest loving mare you could wish for and loves being our family horse.

Polly had a number of issues. Firstly she was a terribly anxious horse and very spooky. She had a huge fear of whips and crops, rubber gloves and no one can use a raised voice around her as she physically shakes and bows her head fearful that something is going to happen to her. This made hacking particularly awkward at times if we rode in a group as if another rider used a crop she would freeze on the spot and shake. Applying lotions to her with a rubber glove was difficult too as she would get quite upset and try to break away from you too. There wasn't a strong bond between me and Polly as it was almost like she was fearful that she would be sold on as soon as a bond was made between us.

Lesley gave Polly 2 different remedies over the months she saw her. The first set of drops was really good as it calmed her down a lot. The drops were given 4 times a day. These drops made Polly much calmer and more willing to work with me rather than having a mental block between us. Polly had these for around 6 weeks. Lesley assessed Polly herself and I also updated her via email on Polly's progress. Polly's drops changed once Lesley felt that she was calmer. Again, she was assessed regularly to see how she was coming on.

I was worried that there would be a huge change for the worse when the drops were changed but it was definitely for the better!! Polly just got better and better. Her anxiety is still there especially with the crops and whips but I think that will always be there but she is less spooky and a lot calmer than she was. She hacks further and further each time we go out and she will even take the lead in a hack. She is more confident and willing to work. Our bond is very strong too now and I feel that the drops have aided this to happen. She lives happily in her herd of 3 horses and has found her place between the herd leader, a gelding and an older mare that lives in the group. She has really come out of her shell

I am grateful for having the opportunity to have met Lesley and she gave such good advice to us too. She really listened and understood my worries and concerns and was always on hand to offer advice and guidance with Polly's problems. Nothing was too much trouble for her.

Polly is no longer needing to have the drops now, but reassurance from Lesley stating that should she ever need them again, she will be on hand to help and advise me.

I'm very grateful to Lesley, she gave me my horse back.


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